Stay tuned for an announcement of 2020’s MammoJam musical lineup!


The Ursula Ricks' Project

Ursula Ricks is the most sought out female blues artist on the east coast. Known by many for her 4th Saturday live sets at the Cat’s Eye and more recently, as the host of the Cat’s Eye Blues Jam, Ursula has also gained renown as a songwriter with a keen eye that taps into the reality of growing up in the city and our collective search for justice. Her CD "My Street" on the Severn Record's label is a catalogue of songs that each has it's own way of hitting you square in the jaw with questions like 'where has this woman been?' and 'when can I hear her again?' MammoJam is honored to have Ursula back for her 5th festival performance.


Roses n Rust

Roses n Rust was founded on a chance meeting during one of guitarist Russ Causey's solo gigs when lead singer Anna B. took the mic for a Sheryl Crow cover. The result is a full band that blends contemporary and classic rock with a soul and sensibility that makes Roses n Rust feel like you've been listening to them right next door your whole life. And in a sense, we have been through their headlining role at the annual Hoodstock Music Festival and their monthly gig at Sobo Café.