Over our first 13 years MammoJam's success is due, in great part, to the generosity of the local and national music community. From Trombone Shorty, to Big Sam's Funky Nation, Erin McEweon, and the Virginia Coalition MammoJam has proudly presented some of the top emerging bands in the country to Baltimore's famed 8x10 stage.

This year we celebrate MammoJam's roots with WTMD and Baltimore's talented local artists who have taken the stage to support breast cancer treatment and screening for women in their own great city. Our local music tradition started with the Grilled Lincoln's and has included the Bridge, Nelly's Echo, The Reserves, Ellen Cherry, Caleb Stine, June Star, and Old Man Brown to name a few.

As MammoJam enters its 14th year it's fitting that we continue that legacy of local music with the Spirit Parade, Brooks Long and Mad Dog No Good, and our great friends Roses n Rust.

Stay tuned for announcements as we add more bands to this years great line up!


Spirit Parade

Spirit Parade is a new Baltimore-based band consisting of soul singers Ursula Ricks and Ernesto J. Ponce, bassist Ethan Montgomery, drummer Arejay James, guitarists Dominick Tardogno and Nate Stern, and trombonist Lionell Abbot. After playing local radio (WTMD) and venues (The Metropolitan, Gallery 788, etc.) the band formed a six track EP released September, 2015 which in turn was recognized by veteran blues crooner, Ursula Ricks, and almost immediately led to one of the most exciting collaborations on the mid Atlantic blues and soul scene. The new lineup provides a genre defying experience both through sound recordings and live performances while pulling from the traditional sounds of blues, soul, funk, and rock.


Brooks Long

Melding the traditions of vintage R&B and Blues with the aesthetics of classic singer/songwriters, Brooks Long brings the old school into the 21st century in a style all his own. Whether by himself or with his backing band, the funky, righteous Mad Dog No Good, he brings to his live shows the kind of passion, energy and humor rare in today's music scene.


Roses n Rust

Roses n Rust was founded on a chance meeting during one of guitarist Russ Causey's solo gigs when lead singer Anna B. took the mic for a Sheryl Crow cover. The result is a full band that blends contemporary and classic rock with a soul and sensibility that makes Roses n Rust feel like you've been listening to them right next door your whole life. And in a sense, we have been through their headlining role at the annual Hoodstock Music Festival and their monthly gig at Sobo Café.


33 West

From pop to soul to R&B, 33 West will have the entire 8x10 on their feet in their debut performance at MammoJam.